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Alive in Christ

In this series of talks, using direct and frank language, frequently sprinkled with humour, Timothy Radcliffe presents four approaches on how the ordinary Christian can come to the mystery of living in Christ. Our love must embody God’s love which is both
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Aspects of the Spiritual Life

David Wood is a retired Anglican priest. Most of his life, he lived and worked amongst declining industrial communities in Northern England. He organised and led prayer workshops, retreats and vigils of prayer, always exploring silence and solitude. W
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In these talks on the centrality of caring in human life, Laurence Freeman explores how we can all learn to care better for each other and to realise that we are ultimately cared for.
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Door to Silence

Door to Silence is the seventh of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. John Main saw meditation as opening us to the experience of “being”, which is the right basis of all right action and healthy living. As we are slowly transformed by knowing God’
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From Brokenness to Wholeness

We close ourselves up in productivity and sterile activity to avoid looking at inner pain. And we deny our woundedness because we fear criticism...
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Harmony In the Soul

Fr Laurence explains that harmony in the soul is found not in fighting our dark side but in re-integrating it with our true self.
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In the Beginning

In the Beginning is the eighth of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. John Main teaches meditation as a simple but demanding discipline, and advises the beginner to simply begin, and persevere. All that matters is to be on the way and to be faithfu
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Is There A Way Through?

Two spiritual leaders suggest a way through today’s crisis of conflict and violence: the development of contemplative consciousness through the wisdom of meditation. This leads to inner harmony and empowers us to work in the world.
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John Main - Memorial Eucharist

John Main had a deep mystical wonder for the Eucharist which arose out of and was deepened by his lifelong faith, his celebration of the sacrament and his meditation…
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JOHN MAIN: Collected Talks

The Collected Talks of John Main make available to people today the unique and transforming power of his oral teaching. The best form of a spiritual teaching has always been the spoken word. These talks were the first phase of what later became The World
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Lessons for the Living from the Dying

Reflections on life, death, suffering, meaning, healing, and wholeness from the experience and authority of a spiritual guide, a patient, and a medical practitioner.
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Like A Child

A child has a natural capacity to experience God as boundless and unconditional love but the experiences of life may teach it to fear and doubt. Meditation as a way of prayer will enable children to stay in touch with their early experience of God, which
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Lord Teach Us To Pray

Fr Laurence invites us to go deeper in prayer. To pray deeply, he says, we need to discover what prayer really is. For prayer to be Christian it has to correspond to the teaching of Jesus on prayer.
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Loving the World

Fr Laurence challenges us: We are responsible for today’s environmental crisis and so we can change it. He explains how meditation helps us do this. It puts our ego back in place and we come to see that we are all one and that our actions are mutually ben
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Meditation & The New Creation in Christ

Referring to the search for God, Fr Bede says people today are looking beyond doctrine and ritual for direct experience. He explains how Christian Meditation opens a way to pass beyond the ego.
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Meditation - The Way of Faith

To live in faith is to live in love. That is the new understanding of faith Fr Laurence opens us to in this profound examination of the subject. Meditation, Fr. Laurence says, makes us see the meaning of being a faithful human being.
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Moment of Christ

Moment of Christ is the third of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. These talks were given at his monastery in Montreal to groups who came on weekday evenings to listen to and meditate with him. The talks were meant to persuade ordinary people, ma
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My Happy Heart

This delightful book introduces children to Christian Meditation as a simple way of love and joy. The companion CD My Happy Heart Sings charms children with its simple and easy song.
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Peace - not as the world gives

In a world that breeds competition, anxiety and conflict, how can we find true and enduring peace? It is found in the deep order and harmony of the human heart, Fr Laurence says.
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Return to the Centre

What uncentres us is a crisis of some kind. Nobody wants to be in crisis. However, it is often the means by which renewal takes place.
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Results 1 - 20 of 45