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From Panic to Peace

Patricia Ng started the first Christian Meditation group in Singapore in 1988. With her husband Peter, she founded and coordinated the activities of the Singapore Christian Meditation Community. In July 2003, she was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer..
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Marriage – Priesthood – Meditation

Fr Frans shares how he sensed a need for the experiential dimension in his prayer life, and how he found this in meditation. Meditation, he says offered a way to “shift from thinking about God to awareness of the presence of God”.
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Pilgrimage - The Way of Christian Meditation

The Pilgrimage DVD which comes with 11 subtitles, introduces the way of Christian meditation, and the work and vision of The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM).
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The Journey of Meditation (DVD)

A lucid presentation of the essential teaching on Christian Meditation. Fr Laurence explains the significance of meditation to the prayer life of the Christian, and describes the stages and fruits of the contemplative journey.
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Yoga for the practice of Christian Meditation (DVD & Book)

John Main’s stressed the importance of learning to “sit still and upright”. This book illustrates what sitting “still and upright” mean. It is a companion book for the DVD by the same title.
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