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From Brokenness to Wholeness
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From Brokenness to Wholeness


Speaker: Jean Vanier

Jean VanierAuthor’s Bio
Jean Vanier is a Canadian philosopher, humanitarian and founder of L'Arche, an international federation of group homes for people with developmental disabilities and those who assist them. In recognition of his contributions and care for the marginalised he has received numerous distinctions and awards including the Companion of The Order of Canada and the Legion of Honour (France). Jean Vanier has written numerous books. Among many of his best known are perhaps Becoming Human and Community and Growth. In his youth and during World War II he served as a naval officer with the Royal Navy and later with the Royal Canadian Navy.

6 Audio CDs

Healing from brokenness is essentially the acceptance of being who we are today, with all that is broken in us and all that we deny; all the elements of illusion which are in us but also the seeds of the spirit that are in us and which can grow. JEAN VANIER

We close ourselves up in productivity and sterile activity to avoid looking at inner pain. And we deny our woundedness because we fear criticism. The deepest quest of the human heart, Vanier says, is for unconditional love such as the woman at the well experienced when Jesus asked her for a drink. We too need to experience such unconditional acceptance. Meditation, Vanier says opens the space where we can meet the heart of Christ, be who we are in all our woundedness, and allow ourselves to be healed. This encounter then will free us to move from a vision of rivalry and competition to helping others find their place and exercise their gifts.

CD 1
1    Introduction & Autobiographical Reflections
2    The Suffering Servant 

CD 2
1    A Door of Hope 
2    From Loneliness, through Love to Life 

CD 3
1    The Surprises of Growth through Silence
2    Acceptance of our Wounded Self

CD 4
1    Chaos or Community?
2    The Heart of the Message is Forgiveness   

CD 5

1    Washing of the Feet (homily)
2    The Mystery of Pain

CD 6
1    The Mystery of Waiting
2    Meditation and Compassion  

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Speaker/Author Jean Vanier