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The Art of Happiness
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The Art of Happiness


“We are designed to be happy. Happiness is the goal of life” says Fr Laurence. Yet we are unhappy. How can we be happy?

Fr Laurence points to the Beatitudes as a universal blueprint for happiness: “happy are the sorrowful”, “happy are the poor in spirit”. Of course, this does not make sense to the head. But it does speak to the heart where wisdom resides. Meditation offers a way from the head to the heart. Simplicity, silence, stillness: saying the mantra develops these contemplative qualities of wisdom. It is a direct entry into the poverty of spirit that enriches all life. Then, how we face adverse situations in life becomes the true test of our art of happiness. In these talks Fr Laurence shows how the practice of meditation leads to true happiness.

CD 1
1. Soul Rest
2. A Way of Life
3. From the Head to the Heart
4. A Very Sure Guide
5. The True Nature of Happiness
6. The Dynamic of Desire
7. God Beyond Images


CD 2
1. A Paradigm Shift
2. Pain of Change
3. An Alternative Way of Living
4. Transformation of Desire
5. Repentance and Self-Knowledge
6. Resistance of the Ego
7. Other-centred
8. Losing and Finding


CD 3
1. The Beatitudes
2. Benedictus – Margaret Rizza


Type of Media: CD
Speaker/Author Laurence Freeman (3 Audio CDs)