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The Eleventh Step
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The Eleventh Step


Meditation on the Path to Recovery from Addiction

We all have basic human needs. When a basic human need is not met we experience a wound and pain follows when that wound is not healed. We then try to take the pain away by imagination or fantasy and soon we are indulging in distractions conjured up in our minds. These may temporarily take the pain away but the deeper unmet need that caused the pain stays unfulfilled. This, Fr Laurence suggests, is a way to understand the origin of addiction. We compulsively repeat what once brought us temporary relief from pain. Over time this becomes an addiction, and with addiction comes loss of freedom. This talk not only explores this process but relates it to the wisdom of the Twelve Steps. In particular Fr Laurence shows how the simple practice of meditation offers a way to break this vicious cycle of addictive desire and regain wholeness.

Talks at Geneva, Switzerland (November 2006)

1. Addiction and Grace
2. Desire and Addiction
3. Prayer of the Heart
4. Attention
5. Joy Deeper than Desire
6. The Nature of God
7. What is Sin?
8. Meditation and the Twelve-Step Programme

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Speaker/Author Laurence Freeman OSB (1 Audio CD)