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The Journey of Meditation (CD)
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The Journey of Meditation (CD)


A lucid presentation on CD of the essential teaching on Christian meditation. Laurence Freeman gives simple instructions on how to meditate, explains its significance to the prayer life of the Christian, and describes the stages and fruits of the contemplative journey. At retreats, introductory sessions, day events, and group meetings, this CD can be used effectively to communicate the basic teaching to both newcomers and ongoing meditators.

Track 1 – The Practice What is meditation? How do we meditate?
Track 2 – The Wheel of Prayer What is prayer? Is meditation prayer?
Track 3 – A Symbol of the Journey How do we look athe progress on this journey?
Track 4 – Levels of Consciousness. How does meditation heal us?
Track 5 – Coming Home. How do we experience the fruits of meditation in our life? (Patricia Ng of the Singapore Christian Community in conversation)


Type of Media: CD
Speaker/Author Laurence Freeman OSB (1 Audio CD)