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The Essentials of Christian Meditation
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The Essentials of Christian Meditation


Simple instructions focusing on the essential elements of meditation that will be especially helpful for the newcomer. Fr Laurence explains meditation as the “hidden treasure” at the heart of spiritual practice, which when discovered will bear fruit in joyful living and loving relationships.

Talks at Cametrigane Hotel, Castletownbere, Cork, Ireland in March 2006

1 Two Ways of Finding
2 Stillness at the Hub
3 Why Meditate?
4 Stillness, Silence and Simplicity
5 Stretching Exercise
6 How to Meditate
7 The Fruits of Meditation
8 Contemplative Living
9 The Meditation Group
10 Common Ground
11 Book Recommendations

Type of Media: CD
Speaker/Author Laurence Freeman (1 Audio CD)