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Is There A Way Through?
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Is There A Way Through?


Political and other institutions seem unable to resolve the crisis of conflict and violence facing us today. Is there a way through? Two spiritual leaders, Fr Laurence Freeman OSB and Fr Thomas Keating OCSO, in their complementary presentation at the WCCM Way of Peace, suggest that there is indeed a way. The development of contemplative consciousness through the wisdom of meditation found in every religious tradition first leads to inner peace and harmony. It then empowers us to work in the world. But religions first have to be renewed in the light of this practice so that our developing humanity can drive the way society is evolving.

Thomas Keating OCSO is one of the architects of the Contemplative Prayer Movement started in 1975 at St Joseph’s Abby in Spencer, Massachusetts. He is co-founder of Contemplative Outreach Ltd founded in 1984, now an international ecumenical organization for contemplative prayer and lectio divina. He helped found the Snowmass Inter-Religious Conference in 1982 and is past president of the Temple of Understanding and of the monastic Inter-Religious Dialogue. He is author of many books including Open Mind Open Heart: The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel and Manifesting God.

Way of Peace 2007
December 7- 9
Sarasota, Florida USA
A dialogue on Contemplative Prayer

CD1 - A Dialogue on Contemplative Prayer: Is there a Way through?

CD2 - Laurence Freeman: Contemplation as the Way through Crisis

CD3 - Thomas Keating: War, Peace and Violence in the Context of Human Nature

CD4 - A Dialogue (moderated by Clement Sauve)

CD5 - Questions

CD6 - Concluding Remarks

Type of Media: CD
Speaker/Author Thomas Keating & Laurence Freeman (6 Audio CDs)