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Losing and Finding
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Losing and Finding


A profound understanding of losing and finding that points us to the gospel way of seeing things. Losing and finding are not irreconcilable opposites, Fr Laurence says. They form the rhythm of life. If we can accept this rhythm of losing and finding, and stand within it, we will come to the stillness that will allow us to see the divine nature, to see God: Be still and know that I am God. God is love. In love we give, and in the giving we find ourself in the other. This is voluntary renunciation, the call of all spiritual teaching. Jesus’ life, Fr Laurence explains, is the full human expression of this call. We must lose in order to find. To find we must seek. The mantra, he says, opens the way to this ultimate growth, the poverty of spirit that is the refrain of all Jesus’ teaching.

Silent Retreat at Monte Olivetto, Italy – 21-28 July 2007

CD1  Talk 1 The Paradox of Conflict and Growth
CD2  Talk 2A Through the Paradox into the Stillness of God
        Talk 2B Seek and You will Find
CD3  Talk 3A The Idea of Forgiveness
        Talk 3B Crying out for Forgiveness
CD4  Talk 4 Shifting Stages of Consciousness
CD5  Talk 5A The Constant Seeking that is Love
        Talk 5B The Temporaneity of Thought
CD6  Talk 6 Resurrection and a New Perception of Reality

Type of Media: CD
Speaker/Author Laurence Freeman OSB (6 Audio CDs)