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Marriage – Priesthood – Meditation
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Marriage – Priesthood – Meditation


Fr Frans shares how he sensed a need for the experiential dimension in his prayer life, and how he found this in meditation. Meditation, he says offered a way to “shift from thinking about God to awareness of the presence of God”. His twice-daily practice of meditation, he says enriched every aspect of his priestly life with increased faith, clarity, balance, and meaning. In the same way, he says meditation can add the contemplative, mystical dimension to marriage spirituality. It can help couples to experience their relationship as a divine encounter when they go beyond words to simply ”dwell” together in God’s love.

Frans De Ridder CICM is a missionary of the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. After 15 years in Taiwan, he moved to Singapore in 1981, and has been involved with the Marriage Encounter, Engaged Encounter, and Choice programmes ever since. He also works in the parish ministry and finds this service very meaningful. Fr Frans also gives retreats and participates in inter-religious dialogue. He travels to China regularly to conduct retreats for priests, religious sisters, and lay people. 

Filmed in Singapore, January 2008

Track 1 - Meditation and Priestly Life : 22.36 min
Track 2 - Meditation and Marriage Spirituality : 19:08 min

Type of Media: DVD
Speaker/Author Fr Frans de Ridder (1 DVD)