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Meditation & The New Creation in Christ
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Meditation & The New Creation in Christ


These talks are drawn from the John Main Seminar 1991 led by Bede Griffiths. Referring to the search for God, he says people today are looking beyond doctrine and ritual for direct experience. Christian Meditation opens a way to this experience, to a passing beyond the ego and to an openness to our capacity for God – to a new creation in Christ. This healing and integration, he says, can lead to self-transcendence, to love, and to new forms of community offering a new vision for the future of the world family of religions. The talks on these CDs can be used as preparation for meditation. Each talk ends with a chant because chants, Fr Bede says, “link us with the past of humanity”.

CD 1
1. The Human Search for God
2. Prayer Beyond Words or Thought
3. Meditation as the Way of Love
4. Contemplative Prayer for the Laity
5. The Meditation Community
6. The Mantra in the Christian Tradition
7. The Function of the Mantra

CD 2
1. The Healing of Memories
2. Encounter with the Redeeming Christ
3. Meditation Sustained by Faith & Love
4. Unity Beyond Duality
5. The Rhythm of the Universe
6. The Hidden Mystery
7. The Christian Understanding of the Hidden Mystery

CD 3
1. Reconciling the Immanent and the Transcendent
2. Beyond the Gospels and Sacraments
3. The Common Goal of Religions
4. The New Age of the Resurrection
5. The Future of the Church
6. Ecumenical Vision

Type of Media: CD
Speaker/Author Bede Griffiths OSB (3 Audio CDs)