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Peace - not as the world gives
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Peace - not as the world gives


In a world that breeds endless competition, anxiety, and conflict, it is heartening to know that there is a way of wisdom. It renews hope and leads to deeper harmony with all creation. The ‘peace that the world gives’ is conditional and when these conditions change conflict returns. Wisdom knows that true peace is found beyond the chaos and in the deep order and harmony of the human heart. Only such peace endures because it is of God. The first step on the journey to this peace is to begin to ‘leave self behind’ and discover the true Self. Meditation is the lifelong, daily inner discovery of the meaning and the true nature of the peace within our own hearts.

Talks at Houston, USA - October 2006

CD 1
1. Introduction (Music: Prayer for Peace)
2. The Gift of Peace
3. Our Relationship to Jesus
4. Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer
5. Christ Praying in Us
6. Attention

CD 2
1. The Peace of Unity
2. The Catholicity of Christ
3. Our Image of God
4. Non-Violence & Contemplation
5. The Basic Need
6. Q&A Just War
7. Q&A The Only Way

Type of Media: CD
Speaker/Author Laurence Freeman OSB (2 Audio CDs)