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TimePeace - for your time of meditation
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TimePeace - for your time of meditation


“The really important thing about meditating is the discipline of it. If you want to learn to meditate, it is essential to meditate every day of your life; if you can, every morning and every evening. The optimum time for meditating is probably half an hour; the minimum time is twenty minutes. Anything less than that, you haven’t really begun. Choose a specific time, twenty, twenty-five or thirty minutes, and always meditate for that time. You have to be very practical about it. Find a way of measuring that time.” John Main OSB

These CDs are an excellent way to prepare for meditation and to time your meditation. An instruction on meditation and an opening prayer by John Main help you prepare. Contemplative music by Margaret Rizza followed by graduated chimes of a bell fading into silence then lead you into meditation. At the end of the meditation period, graduated chimes again and quiet music gently lead you out of meditation. You have a choice of 20-minute, 25-minute, or 30-minute timed periods of silence.

Each CD has 7 tracks:
1 How to Meditate by John Main
2 Opening Prayer by John Main
3 Music by Margaret Rizza
4 Thee graduated chimes
5 Timed period of silence
6 Three graduated chimes
7 Music by Margaret Rizza

Type of Media: CD
Speaker/Author John Main & Margaret Rizza (4 Audio CDs of music and timed silence)