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The Hunger for Depth and Meaning (CDs)
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The Hunger for Depth and Meaning (CDs)


Learning to meditate with John Main

John Main (1926-1982) has been acclaimed as one of the great spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. He became a Benedictine monk after diplomatic service in the Far East and then teaching law at Trinity College, Dublin. By his life and teaching, John Main has helped restore to Christianity its own tradition of meditation and enabled many to discover its transforming power for themselves. He founded an open Benedictine community in Montreal from which sprang The World Community for Christian Meditation, a worldwide spiritual family linked by the daily practice of meditation.

The Hunger for Depth & Meaning is a set of 10 CDs containing sixty-nine extracts from John Main’s spoken teachings arranged thematically in eight sections. The talks offer a clear and comprehensive overview of the teaching on Christian prayer by a contemporary spiritual master. They retain the authority, simplicity and humour with which Fr John taught. The transcripts of these talks are published as a book under the same title. John Main’s teaching addresses people in all walks of life who are struggling to find depth and meaning in their lives.

"I know of no other teaching in this form that carries the spirit of the gospel, the living Word, so directly and purely straight into the heart. His voice varies over the years the tapes were made. In the early ones you hear the physical vigour and passion of his full teaching authority. In the talks recorded in his last months of life one hears his voice grow weaker. But there is a different kind of strength." Laurence Freeman OSB


1 The Essence
2 The Practice
3 The Theology
4 The Mantra
5 The Tradition
6 The Journey
7A The Fruits I
7B The Fruits II
8A The Way I
8B The Way II

Type of Media: CD
Speaker/Author John Main (10 Audio CDs)