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What knocks us OFF-CENTRE

What uncentres us is a crisis of some kind. Nobody wants to be in crisis. However, it is often the means by which renewal takes place. In these talks, Laurence Freeman explores the rich metaphors that are generated by different aspects of the symbol of the Centre. Giving balance, it is the symbol of wholeness, a place of convergence, a place of peace. A centre is relational; it cannot exist outside of what it is the centre of. It is a moving point within a dynamic system. A sailor will tell you that navigation involves the daily discipline of checking a number of points in order to safely reach the destination. Our practice of twice-daily meditation is a discipline that acts as a 'beacon' that directs us, and keeps us centred within ourselves - within the universe - within God.

1 The symbol of the centre
2 Definition
3 The spiritual symbol
4 Montserrat

1 Being centred
2 The day's work in navigation
3 Checking your course
4 Reaching the centre
5 Advaita - non-duality

1 The journey of solitude
2 The uniqueness of solitude
3 Keeping the gates of the city open
4 Coming to a place of rest

1 Being re-centred in times of crisis
2 Affliction leading to the centre
3 Obedience - listening to the silence
4 Penetrating the centre
5 Summary
6 Summary (cont.)

Type of Media: CD
Speaker/Author Laurence Freeman (4 Audio CDs)