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Born Contemplative
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Born Contemplative


Introducing Children to Christian Meditation

In their simplicity they catch and hold God by love

Madeleine Simon RSCJ had an intuitive understanding that children are ‘born contemplative’. This book helps adults who care for children to share in their openness and longing for God in the silence, stillness and simplicity of Christian meditation. This new edition brings an experiential dimension to her enduring message. An invitation at the end of each chapter encourages the reader to respond not only to the content but, more importantly, to the experience of sharing the prayer of silence with children. The book will help practising meditators who are looking for a way to introduce meditation to children. It will also encourage those who have not practised meditation to begin in the interest of children.


Foreword - by Laurence Freeman OSB
Editor’s Note to this Edition
Madeleine Simon
1. The Pedigee of Christian Mantra Meditation
2. The Way to Teach or To Teach the Way
3. The First Years
4. The Home
5. The Fostering of Wonder
6. The Risen Christ
7. Scripture, Story-telling and Meditation
8. Jesus at Home
9. Jesus and the Church
Children - Kahlil Gibran
Appendix 1 - The “Coming Home” Experience
Appendix 2 - Lectio Divina

MADELEINE SIMON (1912-2003) was a Religious of the Society of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ). A chance meeting with John Main OSB in 1975 revealed to her “that this way of prayer was meant for me” and in 1982 she established the first Christian Meditation Centre in London in the Society of the Sacred Heart’s Community in Hammersmith. At the time of writing Born Contemplative and aged 80, she was Director of the Christian Meditation Retreat Centre in England.

Type of Media: Book
Author/Editor Madeleine Simon rscj
No. of Pages 131