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Manifesting in Form
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Manifesting in Form

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The distilled wisdom of a woman who had come to know the God she was seeking

Eileen’s last writings capture the distilled wisdom of a woman who has been seeking God all her life and who had come to know the God who was also seeking her within her seeking. They possess the clarity, precision, even terseness of a teacher skilled at her craft. They carry that sweet pain that truth cuts us with as it slices through old fixed patterns, melts down comfortable self-deceptions, and opens us to the wonderful formlessness of the real. They also have that radical refreshing humility of a genuine teacher who is in love with the truth, not her reputation.



INTRODUCTION by Susan Oeffling csj
EILEEN PATRICIA O’HEA Funeral Homilies by Laurence Freeman osb
Works by Eileen O’Hea
The World Community or Christian Meditation


EILEEN O’HEA (1936-2005) was a Sister of St Joseph of Brentwood, New York, a psychotherapist, and a spiritual director. She served as a member of the Guiding Board of WCCM, and was an inspirational force in the
setting up of the “School of Meditation”. She travelled widely giving retreats and workshops and led the John Main Seminar 1990. Her works include In Wisdom’s Kitchen, and Silent Wisdom, Hidden Light.

Type of Media: Book
Author/Editor Eileen O’Hea csj
No. of Pages 196