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Alive in Christ
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Alive in Christ


In this series of talks, using direct and frank language, frequently sprinkled with humour, Timothy Radcliffe presents four approaches on how the ordinary Christian can come to the mystery of living in Christ. Our love must embody God’s love which is both intimate and lets us be. Leadership is an intrinsic part of the life of every baptized Christian – having confidence, learning vulnerability, rejoicing in people. The daily rhythm of prayer sustains us in our loving and leadership. Sanctity is the vocation of every baptized person. The paradox is one of accepting that you don’t know who you are, while taking the path to become the person that God meant you to be. The seminar concludes with a dialogue between Timothy Radcliffe and Laurence Freeman, moderated by Niall Kennedy, in which bringing the Christian message to the next generation is discussed.

This CD is the annual John Main Seminar held at Cork, Ireland in August 2011.


Timothy Radcliffe, OP entered the Dominican order in 1965, was ordained priest in 1971, and taught Scripture at Oxford in the Dominican community known as Blackfriars. He was elected Provincial of England in 1988, then Master of the Dominican Order from 1992 to 2001. He is the only member of the English Province of the Dominicans to have held the office since the Order's founding in 1216. From there he gained an international reputation thanks to his analyses of contemporary society, Christian life. The subtlety of his thinking, together with the simplicity and depth of his language, and his strong sense of humour, made him a force to be reckoned with in the Catholic Church. He is the author of the best selling books, Why go to Church? The Drama of the Eucharist; What is the Point of Being a Christian? and several other books.

Track Titles

CD 1: Talk 1 - Loving
1. Introduction: Laurence Freeman OSB
2. Eros and Agape
3. The two become one but remain distinct
4. Sharing one story

CD 2: Talk 2 - Leadership
1. In the service of God’s grace
2. Telling the truth while maintaining unity
3. To take the first step
4. Letting go of control

CD 3: Talk 3 - The Daily Rhythm of Prayer
1. Living in the present
2. Evening – letting the day go
3. Night – forgetting. Dawn – open to the future
4. Midday – being in the present

CD 4: Talk 4 - The Paradoxes of Sanctity
1. The call to sanctity
2. The moment on the mountain
3. Coming down from the mountain to face reality
4. Accepting who you are

CD 5: Dialogue
1. The Christian story for the next generation
2. The word that comes from silence
3. The argument for dogma
4. Word and silence coming together through liturgy
5. Closing words

Type of Media: CD
Speaker/Author Timothy Radcliffe