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The Goal of Life
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The Goal of Life


The Goal of Life | Father Laurence Freeman shares insights into understanding Jesus in order to better understand ourselves. He teaches that the goal of life is to know fully who we are, and that self-transcendence is the way to self-knowledge.

In this state, the centre of consciousness no longer resides in the ego. Individual identity is not lost but it is transcended. The practice of meditation harmonizes and integrates in the spirit all that we think and feel and say and do. Meditation, the simplifying practice of silence and stillness, inaugurates a whole new way of being. It is a way of life.

Freeman provides a guide into a Christian way of meditation, simple and capable of being practiced by all, that is found in the teachings of the first Christian monks. Readers of The Goal of Life will learn how this dramatic rediscovery of Christian meditation has deepened the way many can understand their Christian identity.


The Meditatio Series on contemporary spirituality provides readers with small volumes of wisdom to help them enter into the world of meditation and a greater closeness with God. A host of international authors offer guidance in leaving self and all our possessions behind —helping readers to focus on poverty of spirit, going into the heart of the Gospel teachings and connecting them to our lives.

The Meditatio Series helps us to understand and establish profound personal realities regarding our humanity and helps us to rediscover a new way to assume others and God in our society. Through these guides to meditation we are able to know ourselves better and to deal with everyday problems such as the search for happiness, sense of life, depression, health and death.

The Meditatio Series is a joint venture with the World Community of Christian Meditation, a worldwide movement with presence in more than one hundred countries. To learn more about this important group visit:


Laurence Freeman, OSBis a Benedictine monk and Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation. He studied theology at the Universite de Montreal and at McGill University. He was a student of John Main with whom he helped establish the first Christian Meditation Centre in London, dedicated to the practice and teaching of Christian meditation. Freeman is the author of many books and articles including Christian Meditation; The Selfless Self; and Jesus: The Teacher Within.

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