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Experiencing God in a Time of Crisis
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Experiencing God in a Time of Crisis


Experiencing God in a Time of Crisis | There are critical times in our lives, moments of profound loss, grief and fear in which our frameworks of sense seem to collapse and no longer enable us to convey meaning to overwhelming events or even to life itself. In this work Sarah Bachelard suggests that the practice of meditation and contemplative living may help us endure and integrate such turning-point experiences, and bring our life and identity into a deeper wholeness.

Crisis, Bachelard indicates, may be seen as a call or opportunity to genuinely encounter the reality of God, a God who is and is a completely OTHER, who reshapes our identity by bringing our life into a much deeper level of relatedness with all that is, freeing us from the dominion of death, making us more capable of “being with” the reality, and opening us to our deepest possibilities. The journey is painful and involves letting go of our old ways to enter the unknown realm of poverty of spirit, but it also offers us the possibility of going back into the world free and courageous, with a new sense of being alive, and with a radically deepened capacity to be with and to love other human beings.


The Meditatio Series on contemporary spirituality provides readers with small volumes of wisdom to help them enter into the world of meditation and a greater closeness with God. A host of international authors offer guidance in leaving self and all our possessions behind —helping readers to focus on poverty of spirit, going into the heart of the Gospel teachings and connecting them to our lives.

The Meditatio Series helps us to understand and establish profound personal realities regarding our humanity and helps us to rediscover a new way to assume others and God in our society. Through these guides to meditation we are able to know ourselves better and to deal with everyday problems such as the search for happiness, sense of life, depression, health and death.

The Meditatio Series is a joint venture with The World Community for Christian Meditation, a worldwide community present in more than one hundred countries. To learn more about this important community visit:


Sarah Bachelardis an Anglican priest and theologian who lives in Canberra, Australia. She has taught theology, ethics and spirituality at Charles Sturt University and is an honorary research fellow at the Australian Catholic University. Sarah is the founder and leader of Benedictus, a contemplative church. She teaches meditation, leads retreats and is currently writing a book on resurrection and moral imagination. She is a member of the WCCM and was a keynote speaker at the John Main Seminar in Montreal in 2007.


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