The Goal of Life

In this book, Laurence Freeman shares insights into understanding Jesus in order to better understand ourselves. He teaches that the goal of life is to know fully who we are, and that self-transcendence is the way to self-knowledge. In this state, the centre of consciousness no longer resides in the ego; individual identity is not lost but it is transcended.

Laurence Freeman introduces Christian meditation as a simple spiritual practice that harmonises and integrates in the spirit all that we think and feel and say and do. It is a simplifying practice of silence and stillness that inaugurates a whole new way of being, and deepens the way we understand our Christian faith. It is a way of life. 


The Goal of Life is part of the Meditatio Series, a collection of books on contemporary spirituality. Through these guides to meditation, we come to know ourselves better and are able to deal with everyday problems with greater clarity. 

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ISBN: 978-1-934996-30-0

Specifications: 155x112mm, 80pp

Publisher: Convivium Press


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