From Anxiety to Peace

Spiritual awareness and growth are high priorities for many people today. Laurence Freeman teaches meditation in the Christian tradition as a path to growth, a way to deepen our own commitment to life.

In the tradition of meditation the space for the expansion of our spirit is found in silence. In the silence of our heart, we make contact with our Life Source, and through this contact we can begin to understand the mystery of our being. We begin to realise our potential to enter into fullness of life, fullness of love, and fullness of wisdom. 

The practice of meditation is quite simple and anyone of any age can practise it, but it requires discipline and commitment. Once it is rooted, it flourishes and bears fruit in a meaningful, fulfilled life. 


From Anxiety to Peace is part of the Meditatio Series, a collection of books on contemporary spirituality. Through these guides to meditation, we come to know ourselves better and are able to deal with everyday problems with greater clarity.

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ISBN: 978-0-9931462-7-5

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