Meditation with Children

Laurence Freeman says short periods of silence in meditation can help teachers, educators and parents nurture the wholesome development of children. Benefits such as stress relief and attentiveness gradually flower into spiritual fruits such as love, joy, peace and kindness. The experience of teachers and educators is that children can and like to meditate. Children are naturally and totally present in the moment, and are thus capable of the deepest possible contact with their Life Source in their own centre. This gives them the space within which to expand spiritually and grow in their humanity. 


Meditation with Children is part of the Meditatio Series, a collection of books on contemporary spirituality. Through these guides to meditation, we come to know ourselves better and are able to deal with everyday problems with greater clarity.

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ISBN: 978-0-9931462-9-9

Print Length: 72pp

Publisher: Meditatio


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