The Way of Unknowing

Expanding spiritual horizons through meditation

John Main understood that the remedy for the malaise that affects individuals and nations alike was the love of Christ. When we build our lives on the rock-like foundation of this love, we become rooted in the ultimate reality, and the winds and storms of life, and even death itself, no longer have power over us.  

In the short chapters of this book, John Main shows how we can find the way to this foundation and root ourselves in the eternal love that nothing can destroy. The way is simplicity itself, but it is also a way of dispossession. Daily meditation brings us to the place where our lives become wholly immersed in the Spirit of God, but it requires that we come empty-handed and prepared to walk the way of unknowing.  


The Way of Unknowing is also available in a set of 9 audio CDs by the same title.

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ISBN: 978-1-84825-118-2

Specifications: 216x135mm, 150pp

Publisher: Canterbury Press Norwich


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