The Prayer that Jesus Taught

The Lord’s Prayer reminds us of our relationship to God as his children. Yet we struggle with our sense of unworthiness, believing the Father’s love must be earned. ‘Our Father in heaven cannot be captured by our goodness or lost by our badness,’ Gerry Pierse says. We do not need to seek God’s presence, because ‘the kingdom of God is within you’ (Lk 17:21). We only need to become aware of this presence, to recognise it. In this book, Gerry Pierse teaches Christian meditation as a way to savour God’s unconditional love. The experience, he says, will change our attitude to success, possessions, power. It will set us free to be who we truly are and to love God, neighbour, and self. 

Inspired by the teaching of John Main and his own experience, Gerry Pierse (1940-1999) taught with exceptional clarity and conviction. His engaging stories, sense of humour, and down-to-earth approach make his teaching powerfully effective.  


The Prayer that Jesus Taught  is part of the Meditatio Series, a collection of books on contemporary spirituality. Through these guides to meditation, we come to know ourselves better and are able to deal with everyday problems with greater clarity. 

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ISBN: 978-1-934996-52-2

Specifications: 155x112mm, 96pp

Publisher: Convivium Press


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