The Ego on our Spiritual Journey

“Our ego is not our true self. In pure prayer, the ego is transcended. It is in that work of pure prayer that our false identification with the ego is gradually diminished, and the true self begins to emerge.”


This book helps us to respond to the challenging words of Jesus: “If anyone wishes to be a follower of mine, he must leave self behind”. Laurence Freeman presents the gentle discipline of meditation – the silent prayer of the heart – as the way to make a personal reality of this teaching in our own daily experience. Through this simple practice we come to realise that we are on what he calls “a journey into God…a journey that becomes less and less measurable.” Eventually we come to know that “our life is an endless following of the Word.”

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ISBN: 978-1-9160958-3-0

Specifications: 148x105mm, 64pp

Publisher: Medio Media


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