Mental Health

In the silence of meditation we begin to know in the depths of our being that we are loved and accepted, that we are held by a gentle power which transcends fear and can never leave us. — Laurence Freeman

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Dancing with Your Shadow

by Kim Nataraja (Book)

Finding Freedom

by Terry Doyle (Audio CD)

Finding Freedom

by Terry Doyle (DVD)

From Brokenness to Wholeness

by Jean Vanier (Audio CD)

Giving Up Without Giving Up

by Jim Green (Book)

In the Stillness of Time

by Allison and Geoff Waterhouse and Michael Bow (Audio CD)

Meditation & Addiction

by Jim Green (Book)

Meditation & Mental Health

by Jim Green (Book)

Tears Come on the Way Home

by Sini Tuuli (Book)

The Eleventh Step

by Laurence Freeman (Audio CD)

The Healing of the Human Condition

by Thomas Keating (Audio CD)