The Monastic Tradition of Meditation 2

Meditatio Talks Series 2016 B

These talks explore the monastic tradition of prayer to show how modern people can ‘pray without ceasing’. The Desert Fathers’ goal was to come to continuous prayer, and their way to this state was the practice of oratio pura (pure prayer) or imageless prayer, which cultivated in them purity of heart or singleness of purpose. John Main OSB drew from this tradition of imageless prayer to teach Christian meditation to modern people yearning for spiritual depth. Meditation integrates the head and the heart, so that work and prayer are not separate but flow one into the other. This is the state of continuous prayer that the monk in us yearns for.


These talks were given at Sant’Anselmo, Rome, in 2015.


The Monastic Tradition of Meditation 2 belongs to the Meditatio Talks Series, a collection of talks designed for sharing the teaching of meditation and for personal reflection. The talks offer encouragement and inspiration for the practice of meditation and a deeper understanding of the spiritual journey.


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