The Meditatio Journal Issue 3: Crisis

Distinguished practitioners drawn from the fields of science, politics, economics, religion, social justice, medicine and the law were invited to be co-presenters at the 2018 John Main Seminar held in Belgium. 

Their joint focus was nothing less than the intensely felt sense of crisis pressing on a world grappling with conflict, confusion and fear. All of them pointed to the practice of meditation as a way of transforming our individual and collective approach to the challenges that threaten the life and the planet we share.

The talks collected in this Meditatio Journal underline the insight that only action linked to the dynamic of contemplation has any chance of bringing about true and lasting change.



Contributors include:

Laurence Freeman OSB
Herman Van Rompuy
Sean Hagan
Marco Schorlemmer
Teresa Forcades
Charles Taylor
and others

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ISBN: 978-1-9160958-4-7

Specifications: 255x165mm, 112pp

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