The Contemplative Dimension of Faith

Meditatio Talks Series 2012 B

Laurence Freeman defines the contemplative dimension of faith as an experience of peace and love that is present at the heart of all faiths and in the core of the human person. The experience of God is open to all though the experience may be described differently according to one’s belief system. The contemplative experience of meditation offers the potential of a ‘common ground’ for creating a global community of faith among people of different beliefs. Faith, he says, is the innate human capacity for relationship, commitment, and transcendence. 


These talks are taken from the Meditatio Seminar Common Ground: The Contemplative Dimension of Faith held in Singapore in 2012.


The Contemplative Dimension of Faith belongs to the Meditatio Talks Series, a collection of talks designed for sharing the teaching of meditation and for personal reflection. The talks offer encouragement and inspiration for the practice of meditation and a deeper understanding of the spiritual journey.


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