John Main: The Expanding Vision

Twenty-five years after John Main’s death, this book celebrates a remarkable legacy of spiritual teaching for our times. John Main’s advice on daily practice and spiritual friendship is practical wisdom for better finding our way through today’s complex economic, social and ecological challenges. Christian meditation – the simple prayer of the heart  – was for John Main  the heart of the spiritual life as well as its way of outreach to the world. 

The annual John Main Seminar promotes his vision and teaching. This book collects the talks at the 2007 Seminar which marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of John Main’s death with a panel of outstanding speakers. 

Charles Taylor, the leading contemporary philosopher, considers the place of religion and spirituality in human society. Laurence Freeman, Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation, reflects on spirituality in a globalised world. Sarah Bachelard, an Anglican priest and lecturer in theology in Australia, speaks on the contemplative dimension in theology, Yvon Theroux, Professor of Religion in Montreal, asks whether John Main is a prophet for our times. 

Together, these and the other essays clearly demonstrate the breadth and depth of John Main's thought, and its increasing relevance in our world today.

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ISBN: 978-1-85311-943-9

Specifications: 216x135mm, 144pp

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