John Main: Collected Talks

Volumes I - VIII

The Collected Talks of John Main make available to people today the unique and transforming power of his oral teaching. John Main teaches with an authority and urgency that carries the spoken word straight to the heart. The best form of a spiritual teaching has always been the spoken word.

These talks were the first phase of what later became The World Community for Christian Meditation, the global contemplative family that continues to grow through the inspiration of his teaching. Each of the eight sets of the Collected Talks is also published as a book.


The titles in the collection are:

I         Word into Silence

II        The Christian Mysteries: Prayer and Sacrament

III       Moment of Christ

IV       The Way of Unknowing

V       The Heart of Creation

VI       Word Made Flesh

VII      Door to Silence

VIII     In the Beginning

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Number of Discs: 47

Publisher: Medio Media


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