A Simple Way

The Path of Christian Meditation

Meditation is a pilgrimage to your own centre, your own heart. The basic theology of meditation is that at the core of our being, in our heart, is the mind of Christ. In this book, Laurence Freeman shows us a simple way of reaching that centre, a path that will take us through the noise, distraction and agitation of the mind to the silent, still centre of the heart where we experience the transforming love of God.

‘Meditation is rightly seen as the way of spiritual growth, of human development. But it is above all else a gentle process of growing into the freedom that is beyond all limitations. Once we pass a limitation that has previously held us back, we discover that we are free from it for all eternity.’ John Main, The Heart of Creation

Laurence Freeman’s simple, clear instruction encourages us to begin this life-changing pilgrimage with confidence and conviction.

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ISBN: 978-981-09-1166-9

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