Christian Meditation: Six-Week Introductory Course

A Handbook for Presenters

Laurence Freeman encouragingly says that all of us who have welcomed the gift of Christian meditation in our own lives have what we need to share it with others.  

This handbook is a step-by-step guide for an introductory course on Christian meditation. It covers the following six topics in six sessions:

  1. What is Christian meditation?
  2. John Main
  3. The Roots of Meditation in the Christian Tradition
  4. The Wheel of Prayer: meditation and other ways of prayer
  5. Leaving Self Behind
  6. The Fruits of Meditation

The book offers a plan for the course with all the necessary materials for running the course including simple and precise instructions, templates, and links to online audio recordings. These will give meditators the confidence to share the gift of meditation from their own experience while feeling supported by a community within a wisdom tradition.

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ISBN: 978-981-09-7577-7

Specifications: 200x135mm, 80pp

Publisher: Medio Media


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