The Work of Selfless Attention

Laurence Freeman describes the essential work of meditation as selfless attention – a shift from self-centredness to other-centredness. The daily practice of meditation, he says, ‘is the kindest and most caring thing you can do for yourself’. In turning away from self-absorption we open to the peace and harmony at our deepest centre and we grow in love. The fruit of this spiritual discipline is the enhanced care and attention we are able to give to other people and to our work.


The Work of Selfless Attention belongs to the Meditatio Talks Series, a collection of talks designed for sharing the teaching of meditation and for personal reflection. The talks offer encouragement and inspiration for the practice of meditation and a deeper understanding of the spiritual journey.


Some titles in the Meditatio Talks Series are:

The Prayer that Jesus Taught Vol 1-4 (2006 A-D)
The Ego on Our Spiritual Journey I & II (2008 A-B)
In Times of Anxiety (2009 C)

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