John Main By Those Who Knew Him

In this book we meet the man John Main (1926-1982), whose teaching on Christian meditation has transformed thousands of lives and whose influence continues to grow. This collection of personal reminiscences by John Main’s family, friends and colleagues is often funny, sometimes touching, always illuminating. Each one adds a new dimension to our understanding of the man and his teaching. 

The significance of the book is summed up by Laurence Freeman, John Main’s spiritual successor: ‘It is important to see how John Main’s pilgrimage and mission were fully inserted into his humanity. The contributions to this book help us to understand how all the pieces fit together. As a group, they demonstrate that it is the authenticity of his life that in the final analysis teaches us.’  

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ISBN: 978-1-933182-67-4

Specifications: 138x216mm, 320pp

Publisher: Medio Media


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