Hold the Rope, Carry Your Cross

Christianity and the Ten Bull Pictures of Zen

At their best, spirituality, philosophy, and religion can help us to understand what it is to be human. Zen Buddhism and Christianity do this and do it in surprisingly similar ways. This book uses a re-imagining of Zen’s Ten Bull (or Ox-Herding) Pictures, seeing them with a Christian eye. In this, commonalities between Zen and Christianity are drawn out. These include the primacy of now, the challenge of the ego and awareness, emptiness and silence, compassion, as well as the importance of a practice like meditation.


“In the Bull pictures, here designed and commented upon by two Christian contemplatives, we are led into a universal wisdom in a way that is both vividly clear and enigmatic. The hunger of the search for God, the first glimpses of the ‘vestigia Dei’, clues and hints that keep us persevering and finally the struggle that results in emptiness, in non-duality, from which pure service is offered to others and in koinonia, simple human fellowship can be fully enjoyed.” – Laurence Freeman, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation


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