Alive in Christ

Using direct and frank language, frequently sprinkled with humour, Timothy Radcliffe presents four approaches on how the ordinary Christian can come to the mystery of living in Christ – being alive in Christ.

Our love must embody God’s love which is both intimate and lets us be. Leadership is an intrinsic part of the life of every baptised Christian – having confidence, learning vulnerability, rejoicing in people. The daily rhythm of prayer sustains us in our loving and leadership. Sanctity is the vocation of every baptised person. The paradox is one of accepting that you don’t know who you are, while taking the path to become the person that God meant you to be.

The seminar concludes with a dialogue between Timothy Radcliffe and Laurence Freeman, in which they discuss how the Christian message can be brought to the next generation.


These talks were presented at the John Main Seminar in Cork, Ireland, in 2011.

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