Living with the Mind of Christ

Mindfulness in Christian Spirituality

Through the teachings of Jesus, and Christian mystics such as St Augustine and Meister Eckhart, Stefan Gillow Reynolds demonstrates that the practice of Mindfulness leading to silent meditation, recommended by many therapists, is not a modern fad but has always had a place within the contemplative tradition of Christianity. 




‘Bridges the gap between today’s interest in Mindfulness and Christian contemplation as practised through the ages.’ - Laurence Freeman

‘Stefan Reynolds shows how Mindfulness can be an entry point into Christian prayer and meditation and even to the deep riches of mysticism. The book speaks from a solid Catholic tradition and yet is open and accessible for everyone. Dr Reynolds shows that the Mindfulness of Christ sets us free from unnecessary worries.’ - Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor

‘This is a truly pioneering book. Drawing on works from early Christianity to the great Christian meditation masters of today, Stefan Reynolds reveals how contemporary secular meditation and Mindfulness find many parallels in the meditative practices of Christian saints and mystics through the ages. This is a most helpful guide for developing Christian Mindfulness for our secular world by reviving some of the essential teachings of the Christian tradition.’ - Ursula King, Emerita Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Bristol

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