Open Our Hearts - 9 Minute Meditations

Open our Hearts is a collection of four CDs intended to help teachers and parents easily teach Christian meditation to children of different ages. This CD caters for children of ages 9 to 10. 

Each track on the CD is designed to lead children through a period of meditation. Meditators listen to instrumental music and a scripture reading, join in the song Open Our Hearts and the mantra ‘Maranatha’ said aloud a few times, then continue repeating the sacred word silently through a timed period of silence introduced by three quiet chimes. The chimes sound again to end the timed silence. The children then join in the final song. 

Each CD also contains PDFs of the lyrics and sheet music for the songs. 


Other titles in the collection are:

Open Our Hearts – 5 Minute Meditations
Open Our Hearts – 7 Minute Meditations
Open Our Hearts – 11 Minute Meditations
The recommended silence is one minute for each year of age.

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Product Details

Number of Discs: 1

Publisher: Litmus Productions