The Heart of Creation

Meditation - A Way of Setting God Free in the World

This book is a simple and practical guide to 'pure prayer'. John Main teaches that by ceasing to struggle to find words and images by which we all too easily try to control God, we give God freedom to be himself in our hearts and we begin to pray with 'the mind of Christ', as St Paul teaches. In a nervous world saturated with image and endless self-commentary, this is a nourishing, life-giving stream of hope and refreshment.  

John Main, a Benedictine monk, pioneered the idea that the desert tradition of meditative or contemplative prayer, which had largely been forgotten in the West, was for all Christians, and started teaching this way of prayer to lay groups at his monastery in London. Soon a network of meditation groups came into being, spreading throughout the world and renewing a sense of the Church as a fellowship rooted in prayer and contemplative action. The Heart of Creation is one of many books that grew out of John Main’s talks to the groups he taught.


The Heart of Creation is also available in a set of 7 CDs by the same title.


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ISBN: 978-1-85311-848-7

Specifications: 232x153mm, 132pp

Publisher: Canterbury Press Norwich


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