Word Made Flesh

Recovering a sense of the sacred through prayer

In this book, John Main opens up deeper insights into the prayer of silence, stillness, and simplicity. He shows how this kind of prayer enables us to bring the whole of our being to God, and to let the power released into the world by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus flow through our hearts and into the world.  

John Main (1926-1982) is acclaimed as one of the great spiritual teachers of the twentieth century who restored to the Church its historic contemplative dimension and opened up the monastic tradition to men and women living in the world. His teachings still continue to lead people in the way of silence, stillness and simplicity which are so much needed in our modern world.  


Word Made Flesh is also available in a set of 5 audio CDs by the same title.

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ISBN: 978-1-85311-965-1

Specifications: 216x135mm, 84pp

Publisher: Canterbury Press Norwich


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