“The task of prayer is to awaken the heart; to awaken it above all to the reality of the presence of God’s indwelling Spirit. Learning to meditate is to become fully awake, fully alive in the Spirit.”


In this book John Main shows how prayer is a self-transcending process which enables us to know ourselves as the presence of the living Christ in our world. He speaks of prayer as “the life of the Spirit of Jesus within the human heart”. He also discusses the theology of meditation and how our twice-daily practice of meditation is a “complete turn of consciousness to the ever-present Reality.”


John Main’s teaching is profoundly inspiring and would be helpful not only to those about to start their journey of meditation but also those well on their way.

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ISBN: 978-1-9160958-0-9

Specifications: 148x105mm, 60pp

Publisher: Medio Media


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