The Hunger for Depth and Meaning

Learning to Meditate with John Main

The chapters in this book correspond with John Main’s original spoken word on a set of ten CDs by the same title. John Main’s very contemporary Christian contemplative teaching addresses the spiritual anguish of people in all walks of life struggling to make sense of their lives. The talks retain the authority, simplicity and humour with which Fr John taught. They are arranged thematically to give a clear and comprehensive overview of John Main’s teaching on prayer.

This book offers inspiration and encouragement for the practice of meditation. It can be read through systematically for a broad but deep understanding of the teaching on meditation. Or it can be read selectively to prepare for or to end times of meditation. The book can also be used to complement the CDs at meditation group meetings or for private study.


I am amazed still, as I write, at the power and clarity of what he taught. How extraordinarily simple and luminous. How painfully and joyfully direct. How unchanged by the passage of a generation is the freshness and urgency of his message. (Laurence Freeman OSB)


The audio version of these talks is available in a set of 10 audio CDs by the same title: The Hunger for Depth and Meaning.

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