The Christian Mysteries

John Main: Collected Talks II

The Christian Mysteries: Prayer and Sacrament is the second of eight sets John Main’s collected talks. John Main’s reflections on the sacraments show how meditation verifies the truths of our faith by direct experience, from the heart, before it touch our minds.  

The talks bring new meaning to familiar words and to ancient truths that a secular society like ours needs to rediscover. For John Main, the sacraments in the modern age can only be rediscovered through deep prayer and interior stillness. Rooted in theological tradition, he also sees the sacraments freshly as healing, enlightening mysteries of the mystical dimension. John Main’s insights will help all people to understand the sacraments better. 


These talks are also published as a book by the title Sacrament: The Christian Mysteries.

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ISBN: 978-981-07-4852-4

Number of Discs: 2

Publisher: Medio Media


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