The Way of Unknowing

John Main: Collected Talks IV

The Way of Unknowing is the fourth of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. Listening attentively to his voice prepares you for the silence and stillness of meditation. These talks were designed to introduce meditation to people for the first time, and also to encourage people already meditating to deepen their regular practice.  

In these short talks, John Main shows how we can discover the love of Christ and root ourselves in the eternal love that nothing can destroy. The way is simplicity itself, but it is also a way of dispossession. Daily meditation brings us to the place where our lives become wholly immersed in the Spirit of God, but it requires that we come empty-handed and prepared to walk the way of unknowing. 


The Way of Unknowing is also available as a book.

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ISBN: 978-981-07-4854-8

Number of Discs: 9

Publisher: Medio Media


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