Contemplative Leadership

This book comprises four presentations to business executives and others proposing meditation as a way of cultivating enlightened leadership. Peter Ng describes meditation as the work of paying attention. It is a practice of ‘selfless attention’ where the attention shifts from oneself to ‘the other’. This detachment from self-centred interests enables a clearer perception of reality and enriches work and relationships. The enlightened leader comes to view leadership as not about oneself but the common good, as the acceptance of responsibility and not the exercise of power.  

Speaking with the authority and clarity born of personal experience, Peter argues for meditation as the antidote for our busy stressful lives. His simple, practical instructions on how to meditate and how to persevere in the discipline will encourage the busy executive to start this journey to enlightened leadership.

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ISBN: 978-0-9930036-8-4

Specifications: 185x125mm, 84pp

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