A Contemplative Christianity for Our Time

Meditation, mindfulness, and programmes for conscious leadership are widely seen as antidotes to problems of our time and their benefits are understood to be accessible independently of religious belief or devotion. For contemplative practitioners in a secular age, the question then arises: what is the meaning and point of faith, and of religious identity? Why not just meditate, leaving behind the weight of dogma and tradition that seem to have lost their relevance? This book explores the significance of a contemplative Christianity and offers a renewing vision of the connections between contemplation and faith, and the gifts of this path for a world in travail. 


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A Contemplative Christianity for Our Time is also available as an online course from the School of Meditation of The World Community for Christian Meditation.


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ISBN: 978-981-14-7380-7

Specifications: 210x135mm, 124pp

Publisher: Meditatio


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