Contemplative Leaders

Personal Reflections by Members of the Bonnevaux Business Meditation Group

This collection of personal reflections introduces leaders in the fields of business, public service, education, healthcare and other professions, who meditate. Each story is unique and tells of the challenges typically facing leaders today and how they deal with them. But in a different way each also belongs to universal human experience. The path that leads the leaders through these challenges and uncertainties is the practice of meditation. Discovering meditation has gradually changed the way they perceive everything and enabled clearer thought and calmer action from a newfound place of inner stability. It has brought them to greater awareness of their own thinking and feeling, more confidence and clarity in decision-making, and better relationships at all levels.

This collection of stories illustrates meditation as a simple, practical way to personal wholeness and effective leadership open to everyone.


The Bonnevaux Business Meditation Group was started by Peter Ng Kok Song, a global leader in the world of finance, and the Benedictine monk, Laurence Freeman, Director of Bonnevaux, Centre for Peace, France. It was formed in 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 crisis and has since become a weekly highlight that its members have come to love and appreciate.


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