Images of Meditation

Liz Watson's simple metaphors from daily life "go straight to the heart". They clarify and deepen our understanding of meditation as a journey: coming home to ourselves, tuning in to the Christ within, and paddling on faithfully in all circumstances, smooth and rough.


Images of Meditation belongs to the Meditatio Talks Series, a collection of talks designed for sharing the teaching of meditation and for personal reflection. The talks offer encouragement and inspiration for the practice of meditation and a deeper understanding of the spiritual journey.


Some titles in the Meditatio Talks Series are:

The Prayer that Jesus Taught Vol 1-4 (2006 A-D)
The Ego on Our Spiritual Journey I & II (2008 A-B)
In Times of Anxiety (2009 C)


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Number of Discs: 1

Publisher: The World Community for Christian Meditation